Why International Energy Network?

International Energy Network (IEN) is an international capital introduction firm that specializes in connecting oil and capital - we help "oil" talk to "money" and "money" talk to "oil" on a cross-border basis.

We serve as an interface between two diverse fields - energy and finance - and frequently between different languages and cultures.

Our areas of expertise are many. Our in-house staff has decades of successful experience in the international marketing of oil and gas projects, and in providing high quality oil and gas ventures to investment marketing firms. Our experience also encompasses all phases of the oil and gas industry itself,

including production management, exploration, development, international operations, and financial management.

In addition to our in-house staff, we work regularly with an extensive group of professional consulting associates in the areas of geology, engineering, U.S. and international taxation, and law.

We are based in Dallas, Texas, the heartland of the U.S. oil and gas industry, and the greater part of our experience as a firm has involved North American energy projects.

We have historically sought European sources of capital because our principal and key personnel had their early experience in the European money centers.

This experience is especially vital now in light of impending changes in tax law that may eliminate IDC write-offs. European investors have never had these tax incentives and remain very interested in investing in quality oil and gas projects.  Through our office in London, we aggressively pursue such investors.

If you are interested in joining our group of oil company clients, and would like to access our established and growing international capital sources, please take the next step and contact us.