Our Track Record

We have been responsible for funding over $255 million of U.S. oil and gas projects. One operator alone received $17 million with a second operator close behind with $16 million and many other success's.

Some recently funded projects include:

  • Development of a gas field near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Waterflood Project in Illinois
  • Osage County, Oklahoma - 10 wells
  • Seminole County, Oklahoma - 10 wells
  • Okmulgee County, Oklahoma - 10 wells
  • Jones County, Texas - 5 wells
  • Barnett Shale, Texas - over 70 wells
  • Jack County, Texas – 8 wells

We have acquired producing properties in:

  • Sutton County, Texas (gas wells)
  • Loving County, Texas (oil and gas wells)
  • Potter County, Texas (gas wells)

If you are interested in joining our group of oil company clients and accessing our growing international capital sources, please take the next step and contact us.