Our Services

We assist in raising capital for exploration and production companies that have projects of merit. These can include exploratory drilling, development drilling, step-outs, rework projects, re-completions, acquisitions, acreage programs, international concessions, pipelines and gas gathering/processing systems.

IEN pursues its capital-raising mission on a global basis. Oil may be anywhere, and in the radically changed world of modern commerce, capital is now totally trans-national. In practical terms, this means that an oil company in Texas may drill wells in Azerbaijan with capital raised from German investors.

Our role is to network with organizations located in many diverse areas and bring interested parties together for mutual profit. To do this, we have devised a powerful set of services that accelerate the process of raising capital. If your firm has more opportunities than your capital budget can accommodate, or if your traditional partners are unable to meet their commitments, please read on.

How We Work

Through an aggressive program of networking in the UK and on the Continent of Europe, we identify numerous sources of capital that are interested in having long-term partners in the U.S. energy business. These sources include

retail investors, investment funds, family trusts, investment banks, and industry partners. Such sources want partners who can deliver multiple opportunities over a period of years.

The Next Step

To determine whether there is a fit between your needs and the programs we offer, please go to the Contact Us section and fill in the form provided there.

Upon receipt of this information we will immediately contact you to discuss a possible solution to your needs.